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not with everyone. bob wilson of arlington. >> texas cannot is secede from e united states because they need ceded anything to the united states at all. >> apparently a clerical error in the annexation agreement of 1845 proves texas never legally joined the union and bob's mail order documents are officially detailed and extremely well laminated. >> let me get this straight. i'm in a foreign land? >> yes. >> seriously i'm not just talking to a delusional old dude outside of dallas, texas? >> the republic of texas has a full government. i bob wilson and a senator from district 8. >> you are a senator? >> yes. >> awesome. i'm a lieutenant in the kiss army. could this make believe nation be the new land lynn and larry were looking for. >> i would love them to be biblical law counties. >> you want a place where people can worship freely as christians. >> yes ma'am. guns we can't even have the bullets we want. >> you can own any kind of gun you want. >> texas isn't allowed to execute folks that rape people. >> can we kill rapists? please say yes, please say yes. >> if found guilty, yes. definitely. >>
love those. >> bob, you are up. >> bob: back in the day, since i was around to cover most all the inaugust rations, for example, going back to abraham lincoln, the second one, there is something absurd about the ncaa. that is the college athletes who are supposed to be going to school. and sports is part of their life at school. but you know that virtually nobody who will go in the n.b.a. draft this year will have gotp out of college? i don't think anybody in the last two or three drafts graduated from college. maybe i'm wrong, maybe one or two. when you look at the facts here, ten freshmen apply for the draft this year. ten out of 48 collegiate players. that is just absolutely absur absurd. >> dana: isn't it better than wasting the school's time? >> bob: i think it's waste of the kids' time myself. >> kimberly: this is a sad story. but, you know, the poor girl scouts. there is two oregon troops of girl scouts and they were excited because they thought they got an awesome order but they were duped. somebody tricked them. very sad, actually. >> bob: it was greg. >> greg: yes. >
out to san jose after a body is found in the roadway. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live on the scene with what is happening right now. good morning, bob. >> reporter: you have three lanes of southbound 280 because of this body. we are still waiting for the coroner to arrive on the scene. it is hard to get an eta of when this will be reopened. chp is saying it could be another 45 minutes. that will depend on when the coroner arrives. a call came in around 3:15. people driving down southbound 280 saw the body in the middle of the road. the paramedics came on the scene and declared this person deceased. it is considered to be a hit and run. chp right now does not have any witnesses, does not know who did this. >> after 3:00 this morning, about 3:14, received a call that there was a ped in the roadway. the units responded and located a female in the roadway. fire department
and a local team right now drawing a lot of support. nbc bay area's bob redell is now joining us live from hp pavilion with all the hoops highlights. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. these march madness basketball fans sure like to procrastinate. tip-off in five minutes here at the hp pavilion. still quite a lot of people out front. hundreds of people streaming in at the last minute. you've got college teams from the east coast, midwest, southwest, the west coast and of course one right here in the bay area that you were alluding to. you might have caught the blue and gold in the crowd there. fans showing their support for a number 12 seed, cal bears, who later this afternoon will take on the number five seed, unlv. both teams practicing yesterday during a session that was free and open to the public. cal is seeking redemption to make up for a poor showing during last year's ncaa tourney when they were taken out early on. even coach montgomery speaking to us yesterday admitted that they were not mentally prepared at the time. this game against unlv is also significant because it
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ticket to consolidate conservative support and topple romney. we were close, former representative bob walker, a grich ally says. grich a gingrich and an toreum couldn't agree. in the end gingrich told me too hard to negotiate. so much going on there! where do i start? >> like i said this is one of the great untold stories. >> that is hilarious. >> how would that have worked? i'm curious. >> it didn't! >> i'm asking this question seriously because -- >> that is the point. >> because back in 2008, the reason why mike huckabee got beaten by john mccain is because fred thompson and john mccain struck this same deal and made the difference in south carolina. how is this going to work? >> first important to situate ourselves to february when this happened in the gop primary. romney was really struggling and clear he had a tough time winning his home state. there was emerging anybody but romney movement. these guys thought if we can team up and get together it might be enough to knock him off. i remember thinking as a reporter if romney loses michigan it is all going to fall apart and this r
, they are stim available. for the unlv cal game, they are very limited. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> a college basketball from oakland will be playing for montana at the ph pavilion. he is a center guard for the grizzlies. he remembers his roots by wearing two bracelets dedicated to his high school. they are heavily the underdogs against syracuse but you go, will cherry. >>> let's check in with meteorologist, christina loren. >> slopes report. first thursday of spring. one of those weekends, you can take your pick whatever you want to do across the bay area. let's started with the toyota snow report. brian hager joins us live from squaw valley this morning. >> is it still snowing for you guys? >> it actually just stopped. we got 10 inches in the last few hours. we are stoked about that. >> i was hoping that you guys would get some choice numbers. we accumulated upwards of a foot of fresh powder above 7000 feet yesterday. a lot of kids getting out for spring break. you have competition taking place on the mountain this weekend. >> that's right. the u.s. alpine champion
, that was "the five"'s co-host bob beckel fired up over the cbs reality tv show called "the amazing race." we first told you about this yesterday. they not only learned a song, but went to the memorial for the next clue. that was the wreckage of a b-52 bomber shot down. of the six crew members, four bailed out and were p.o.w.'s and the remaining were mia and assumed killed. and watch how it played out on the show. >> they must now make their way to the b-52 memorial site of the wreckage of a b-52 bomber shot down during the the vietnam war and where they'll find their next clue. >> here? wait, wait, wait. >> oh, there's the-- >> this is a double u-turn. >> alisyn: now the head of the american legion is demanding an apology from cbs writing to the cbs president, quote, as national commander of the 2.4 million american legion as a vietnam war veteran i would like to register my disappointment at the disgraceful slap in the face to american war heroes during your show the amazing race. another vietnam veteran joins us, he was shot down over enemy territory and become a prisoner of war in vietnam
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, the marine corps furious with senator harry reid. we will tell you why. see what bob beckel thinks about it then michele bachmann says that barack obama is running a lavish white house. spending an incredible amount of tax money on himself. is that true? factor is coming right back. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. >> bill: earlier this week 8 marines were killed. seven others injured. senator reid from that state quickly exploited the issue angering the marine corps. >> this sequester should go away. we have cut already huge amounts of money and deficit reduction. it's just not appropriate, mr. president. that our military can't train and do the maintenance necessary. these men and women our marines were training there in hawthorne and with the sequester it's going to cut the stuff back. >> can i tell you marine corps officials
ready to go. i know there are areas of the but there areling a lot of jobs out there. host: bob, california. democratic caller. caller: on your statement about truckers, trucker jobs are not like they used to be in the 1940's. now, they have a lot of knowledge that they have to have. it is not as easy as it was in the past. as far as people coming in from mexico, we should have enforced laws when they were coming in and taking care of those people that gave them jobs. that attracted them. there are not as many now. jobs here. there are economy is getting a little better down there. guest: the jobs in the trucks, these are oilfield trucks. if you do not have the commercial drivers license, some companies will put you on the dirt roads and when you get to pavement they will have another empty truck and trade off. people will do a lot to make these jobs available. if you need training, they will give you training. again, the frustration that bob was talking about, we have laws that say people should follow the rules to come here and we have not enforce them. angry on the street are
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. this is a photograph of a story in palatine called soccer plus. bob notrip had a pretty good business going and then he ran into something called show rooming. what that consists of is people who would walk into his store and say i'd like to try on a pair of shoes here or some equipment, they'd find exactly what they want, write down all the information and say thanks, bob. walk out, order it on the internet, and pay for it not paying sales tax on their purchase. so bob every time he tried to sell something and collect the sales tax in illinois which he was required to collect, was at a disadvantage. the people who were buying over the internet. is it fair? well, the supreme court said it's up to congress to decide if it's fair. it's up to congress to decide whether internet sales should be subject to state and local sales taxes. that's why we're here. and for my way of thinking this is just a question of fundamental fairness. we're not talking about imposing a new tax. not at all. we're talking about existing taxes. in my state of illinois incidentally, when i buy something on the internet, i have a l
privacy. january of last year bob was arrested during a protest in san francisco. he says police handcuffed him, took his cell phone and started looking through his private messages. >> my cell phone had nothing to do with why i was arrested. we shouldn't give up our right to privacy. >> yesterday he and the aclu filed a lawsuit against san francisco. they want to prevent police from searching cell phones without a warrant. right now this is legal under federal law but this is the first time the issue has been raised under california law. san francisco has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit. >> 8:40. big changes are coming to the tonight show. new reports say when jay leno retires, jimmy fallon will be the new host. the network says still hasn't signed a deal with jimmy fallon and no timetable for the changes. but insiders say it's going to happen before the fall of next year and a new york studio is already being built. >>> new zealand joining the list of countries that are upset about the oscar winning movie argo. claims new zealand diplomates declined to take in a group of amer
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Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)